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Website Designer

Peer 1 on 1 is a great opportunity for me to interact and get to know many people. I enjoy helping others and this has provided me the tools for me to do so. Talking and meeting autistic youths has allowed me to meet and get to know so many amazing people I never would have had a chance to know otherwise. I hope to be able Peer 1 on 1 make a positive difference

Daniel Wu

Design Director

I am a Freshman at Miramonte High School. Listening to music and doing crafts are a few of my favorite things. I also enjoy graphic design along with editing pictures and videos for fun. Being a part of Peer 1 on 1 is one of the things I love most because it is such a fantastic community of kind and supportive people that genuinely care about helping others. Peer 1 on 1 is a place where you can learn new things, teach those to others, and make a difference in the world. I want to continue working to help others and make a difference in the neurodiverse community!

Sophie Peng

Graphic Designer

I am currently in my senior year of high school. Outside of academics I also like art and games, and I also play piano and violin. By joining and being part of Peer 1 on 1, I hope to foster and spread acceptance of autistic people and better inform neurotypical people about neurodiversity as a whole, as well as autism specifically!  I am also aiming to grow and develop my leadership skills.

Jade Peng

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