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Jeremiah Finaly


A Junior at Los Alamitos High School, I am part of Varsity Football, Advanced Jazz Band and I run my Sports Injury Prevention club at school. Started as a volunteer at Peer 1 on 1 since middle school, I immensely enjoyed the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of youth on the autism spectrum and other developmental disorders; learn to communicate and see things from a different perspective. I look forward to supporting Peer 1 on 1’s mission as a branch president.


1. Oversees branch activities.
2.  Runs weekly meeting.
3.  Coordinates with other Branches to assist Headquarter events.
4.  Reports to Headquarter.

 Vice President

I am very friendly with an outgoing personality. I enjoy meeting and interacting with individuals with unique and diverse backgrounds. My hobbies are traveling, art, piano, dance and sports. Peer 1on1 has given me the opportunity to make new friends and socialize with them on a regular basis. I am grateful to be able to lead the dance in the exercise group, and fun activities in the arts & crafts group on weekends.


Leads weekly arts and crafts group events.

Austin Simmons

Activity Director

I’m a freshman at Los Alamitos high school. I am very outgoing and enjoy helping people of all ages.  I am part of many clubs/organizations including choir, church, neighborhood teen volunteer program and the American Red Cross. I am excited to learn and promote the awareness of autism and other developmental disorders.


1. Explores and suggests new activities.

2. Assists Branch President and Vice President to run weekly event.

Mary Michael


I grew up and live in Seal Beach, California.  I am a freshman at Saint Joseph High School. I have always had the passion and love for helping others. I am part of ASB, Volleyball team, ambassador, and other clubs. Looking forward to joining Peer 1 on 1 and touching the lives of those in need.


1. Meetings/events minutes.

2. Coordinate meetings/events.

3. Assists branch president and vice president to run weekly event.

Addison Edwards

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