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Meet the Team!

Board Members

Director of Peer 1 on 1

Zhan Qi is the head and founder of the Peer1on1 program. She is a mother of two autistic children, and understands the difficulties of being such a parent. As a result, she created this program not only to help her two autistic sons but to educate teens about autism and to help other autistic families as well.

Zhanqi Cheng


Grace Maeshiro works at a logistics company as the director of North America client solution.  Currently, she is taking her MBA class in Cal State.  She is making plans for marketing of our organization, for further development including a speech enhancement program, community awareness projects, and long term sponsorship and support families affected by autism. Her duty is marketing /fundraising /book keeper

Grace Maeshiro

Advisory Board Member

Gail Singer-Chang has a son with autism. She has been a medical educator for 20 years and founded FACE: Faculty for Autism Collaboration & Education, whose mission is to promote education and inter-professional perspectives about autism to improve quality of life. She is an autism awareness advocate.

Gail Singer-Chang, Psy. D., MS, MA

Advisory Board Member

Brandon Q. Tran represents banks and financial institutions, and other corporations, large and small, in business litigation matters in both state and federal courts. He has wide-ranging experience in general business and commercial litigation matters, including lender liability, misappropriation of trade secrets, fraud, unfair competition, breaches of contract, mechanic's liens, stop notices, receiverships, and class actions. He also has experience in real estate litigation, representing design builders and design professionals. In addition to other facets of the litigation process, Mr. Tran advises his clients on alternative dispute resolution options that are available in both state and federal court, such as mediation and arbitration.

Brandon Q. Tran

Board of Directors


I am a freshman at Oxford Academy. I joined Peer 1 on 1 to see the beauty in helping those with autism, along with the sportsmanship that came with it. Since then, I have become addicted to Peer 1 on 1. I have been with Peer 1 on 1 for nearly 2 years, and I have no doubt that I have enjoyed my stay. I hope to see that I, along with Peer 1 on 1, have an impact on the autistic youth.

Derek Maeshiro

Vice President

I am currently a freshman at Arcadia High School. I enjoy dancing, playing piano, chess, eating, and traveling all around the world. Being a part of Peer 1 on 1 is an exciting opportunity for me because I would love to make a difference in the lives of children with autism. I want these people to have more reasons to smile and enjoy the beauty of life! Through working with the team, I hope to learn and improve life skills, both practical and personal, such as planning, cooperation, compassion, patience, and courage.

Athena Liu

Public Relations

I am forever grateful for this wonderful opportunity to help others in need. Peer 1 on 1 has let me understand the real meaning of happiness and has also taught me many important life skills. Overall, Peer 1 on 1 will forever hold a place in my heart as a place of great activity, joy, achievement, and compassion.

Matthew Cheng

Harry Yu


Harry has been swimming and playing clarinet for years. I deeply believe persistence is a crucial step towards future development. I am passionate at socializing and interacting with people and treasure every time and opportunity with my friends as well.

Being a part of Peer1on1 organization, alongside the team, it is absolutely my honor to help autsitc children with some stuff they had never learn or never experienced before. With the appropriate environment created for them, I and the team will help them integrate into society, bring happiness to them and their families.

In the future, I will develop myself on the road of practicing sports. I want to encourage more people to experience the spirit of sports, never giving up!

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