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El Dorado Park Hiking

By Grace

On March 25th, Peer1on1 had a hiking event at El Dorado Park. All volunteers were paired up with autistic participants so that the volunteers could interact and socialize with the autistic children. Personally, I think that the event went really well because the group really liked walking along the trail while enjoying the  nature. At the same time, I was able to connect with the autistic participant and create a bond with him, as well as helping him out with any difficulties. The event was claimed to be a success,

when we finished off with an Easter egg hunt. Seeing the participants collecting eggs and feeling satisfied with themselves, it also makes us, the volunteers, feel content and gratified. Throughout each event, I feel more and more comfortable working with the autistic kids, thus making me realize how important the volunteers are to give out their time and help out this amazing group of autistic children. I am dedicated to this program and I can’t wait for more and more opportunities coming up ❤


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