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No Two Snowflakes are Alike

On Saturday. December 10th, Seal Beach Branch of “Peer 1 on 1” hosted a special holiday card making fundraising – No Two Snowflakes are Alike. Peer 1 on 1 is a non-profit organization that provides social inclusion for youth on the autism spectrum and other developmental disorders. Its purpose is to create a more autistic friendly environment for future generations by providing opportunities for neurotypical and neurodiverse youth to interact and by increasing autism awareness in the community. Unlike a typical fundraising, this event was more like a family holiday party: holiday cookies and snacks, joyful Christmas music, poinsettia and even Santa with Mrs. Santa. The Peers (teen volunteers at Peer 1 on 1) assisted neurodivergent youth with drawing, cutting , gluing and making watercolor bubbles. One neurodivergent girl came all the way from Lake Forest to join this joyful event. The big smile on everyone’s face and the laughter made this event super special. Sincere gratitude to Alistair Wu, who came up with the fundraising idea and the peers from Cypress Branch for your support.


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