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What is Peer 1 on 1?

Peer 1 on 1 is a non-profit organization that provides social inclusion for youth on the autism spectrum and other developmental disorders.  We provide fun activities, events and clubs. We provide children ages five to eighteen opportunities to socialize and interact with teen peer volunteers. 

About Us

Peer 1 on 1 is a non-profit organization created by youth peers for youth who are on the autism spectrum and live with other developmental disorders or special needs.  Our goal is to provide youth, ages five to eighteen with opportunities to interact with teen/peer volunteers.  We offer peer clubs and many fun events and activities (i.e., Movies, hiking trips, sports, and other events).  See “Activities” page for upcoming events and activities.

Our Purpose


Provide opportunities for neurotypical and neurodiverse youth to socialize and get to know one another in spite of differences.  We believe this peer interaction encourages an environment that fosters new friendships and helps increase community awareness.

Many special needs youth have limited contact with neurotypical peers. As a result, some become isolated and are excluded from activities and social gatherings. Peer 1 on 1 aspires to continually create opportunities for social interactions through activities and clubs led by peer volunteers.  It is our hope to expose special needs youth to various social scenarios that are fun, interactive and supportive.  Past activities include movies, games, and sports. 


Some neurotypical youth find it challenging when interacting or communicating with special needs youth.  We believe our Peer 1 on 1 interactions, activities and peer clubs aid in dispelling some of the discomfort while discouraging some of the negative stigmas associated with neurodiverse people. 

Want to Become Involved?


We accept teen volunteers ages 9 and up.  Teen volunteers can earn community service hours and increase their exposure and awareness of youth with autism and other developmental disorders.  We operate in the Los Angeles and Orange County areas of Southern California in the United States.  However, if you do not live near Los Angeles or Orange County and are interested in volunteering or would like to set up your own chapter of Peer 1 on 1 in your area, please contact us through the “Contact Us” page.  Groups can also get involved by hosting joint activities or events with Peer 1 on 1 volunteers.  Visit our “Join Us” page!


Disclaimer:  Peer 1 on 1 is an organization that supports inclusion and fun activities for youth on the autism spectrum and those with other special needs.  We are not a service providing organization.  We are run and organized entirely by volunteers who are not professional therapists or clinicians.  


Peer Clubs

6 ongoing peer clubs

Click on the peer clubs page for more detail.

Past Events

Recent: 6 ongoing online events

Click on the event gallery page to view all of our past events!

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