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I am forever grateful for this wonderful opportunity to help others in need. Peer 1 on 1 has let me understand the real meaning of happiness and has also taught me many important life skills. Overall, Peer 1 on 1 will forever hold a place in my heart as a place of great activity, joy, achievement, and compassion.

Matthew Cheng


When I first joined Peer 1 on 1, I was impressed by its positive environment created by the peers. Everyone there was extremely friendly and kind, and I can see that children with autism are starting to open themselves up. While communicating with children with special needs, I was worried about their emotions all the time. Their smiles taught me patience, optimism, and persistence. I love this program, and I will help more youths as much as possible. In the future, I hope to study statistics in order to show the importance to more people with graphs and objective numbers and to gather more enthusiastic volunteers to help more youths. 

Rose Kong


I have always been active, whether it be playing tennis, skiing, or surfing. To be able to share my love of sports and to coach neuro diverse persons has been more rewarding than I could ever imagine. When my student is moving, connecting with the ball, or just having fun; it fills my inner happiness meter more than winning any tournament ever did.

Madeline Pinches

Public Relationship Director

I serve in peer 1on1 because I think the interactions between neurodiverse individuals are extremely valuable and important. The world is filled with people who think and operate in various ways. By creating a safe and uplifting community for everyone to socialize, everyone is able to put aside their differences. I wish to improve what already exists within the organization and to give my best efforts to make impactful and meaningful contributions to Peer1on1.

Andrea Dao


I’m Andrew Pham, the Event Director for Peer1on1’s LosAl Chapter.  I volunteer to teach tennis to special needs children. I’ve played since I was young, and believe it is an excellent way for children to learn better hand-eye coordination and develop their social interaction. For any inquiries, please contact me.

Andrew Pham

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