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Wetland Museum and Hiking Tour 1/04/20

Updated: Dec 1, 2020

On January 4th, the Huntington Beach/Seal Beach Branch of Peer 1 on 1 organized a Bolsa Chica Wetland Museum and Hiking Tour. There were over 30 peers, ASD participants, and parents. A marine biologist began the introduce the various marine wildlife, and participants were able to feel the spiny skin of a starfish. Throughout the exhibit, multiple taxidermied birds and terrestrial animals showed off their beautiful feathers and fur. In the back, our tour guide brought out a snake for the participants to feel. The room was filled with snakes and other interesting insects, such as the walking sticks. Outside of the headquarters, we hiked a one and a half mile loop with a view of the wetlands and Bolsa Chica State Beach. Stopping at various outlooks, the group admired the fiery sun’s reflection on the water, the intricacies of nature’s complex system, and the vast array of wildlife, both terrestrial and aquatic. Multiple ASD participants were soothed by the peaceful environment. Many parents were appreciative for the event because participants gained a valuable experience with nature with peer support. Huntington Beach/Seal Beach Branch focuses on the outdoor fitness of those with ASD, and this event was a great way to start 2020!


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