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Art Exhibition

Digital art by Henry Ha

An art exhibition of 2 artworks for artists with special needs was held at the end of

October,2022. The art exhibition celebrated the talents of the neurodiverse community

and showcased more than 80 pieces of 2D artwork, with over half created by individuals

with special needs. A separate digital arts display room was set up for the artist Henry,

who submitted 200 pieces of work and introduced them to visitors. He was blessed by

people who love his artworks. Photographer Justin Chang, also contributed by making a

short video and giving a welcome speech to promote the event. The event was well-received and the artists' works were appreciated .

Photo by Justin Chang

The art exhibition was sponsored and organized by Autism Peer1on1, a student-led

nonprofit organization that focuses on social inclusion for youth with autism and other

developmental disorders. The president of Peer 1on1, Derek Maeshiro, attended the

event and stated that the organization aims to help people with autism by highlighting

their talents and skills, and promoting inclusivity in society. Athena Liu, the Vice

President, added that the goal of Peer1on1 is to extend their support to the

neurodiverse community into adulthood and promote inclusivity and acceptance. The

art exhibition was part of this effort and aimed to promote freedom of expression and

creativity through art. By allowing neurodiverse artists to retain their intellectual

property, they can experience independence and potentially receive financial

compensation if their work is used by businesses. The event opens new possibilities

and opportunities for the neurodiverse community.

Derek Maeshiro, President of Peer1on1, states that working with children with autism

has opened a new world for him and has helped him understand their feelings. He

believes that the organization's one-on-one support for these children will guide them

towards becoming successful adults. Peer1on1 is working to make a positive impact

and create a more inclusive community. The art exhibition is part of this effort to

uncover and treasure the talents of the neurodiverse community and establish a culture

of inclusivity. The future looks bright for Peer1on1 and their mission.

Judges, winners and peers in the art exhibition


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