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Irvine Nature Trail Event 6/26/2021

June 26, 2021 marked the remarkable date of Peer 1 on 1's return to its normal program. The Irvine Branch hosted the first in-person event to reconnect with ASD kids, their family members, and peer volunteers. The outdoor event formed in three sessions: Scavenger Hunt, pairs were trying to find reward balls that were hidden anywhere along the trail. Volunteers and their ASD peers discussed and discovered while they were searching for balls at every corner, among tree shade and shrub. Following hiking was an activity of discovering; this activity allowed pairs to share things they did every day, chat about school life, hobbies, while trying to discover things and answered questions during hiking, such as colors of flowers, lakes passed in the trail. There was short time of playing throwing and receiving game before heading to hiking. We hope that through this experience, peers were able to connect and meet each other in person after spending the year only seeing each other online. The event provided a chance to gain and learn new things from others. We were so happy to see everyones’ faces again after such a long time online!


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