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Peer Training Sessions

On August 14, July 11, and July 17, Peer 1 on 1 hosted a three part workshop series to train new volunteers! We were so excited to have both new and returning volunteers from Irvine, San Gabriel, and even Europe and Canada, to come learn more about how autism affects people and what we can do to help people with autism feel more comfortable around us. During the training, we heard from speakers like Dr. Singer-Chang, founder of Tangents and Offshoots (for Autism Inclusion) and advisory board member of Peer 1 on 1, and we discussed thought provoking questions about Autism and what we as a community can do to be more inclusive. It was a great experience, and we all learned a lot from each other during the discussion and lecture! Thank you to everyone who participated, and Dr. Singer-Chang for your wisdom!


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