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Peer1on1 in the Autism Walk at the Angles Stadium

By L.W.

On December 4, 2016, Peer1on1 participated in the Autism Speaks Walk Orange County 2016, a 5K (3.1 mile) walk at the Angels Stadium which raised funds against autism.  The autism walk was hosted by Autism Speaks, a leading organization on the science and advocacy of autism.  The event was packed with people, many who were autistic.  Clusters of booths surrounded the entrance with the noises of chatter and the smells of food.  When the walk began, each volunteer was paired with one or two autistic participants, and spent a great time together.  Since the event was Star Wars themed, the Peer1on1 group was greeted by a number storm troopers, Jedi, and Sith Lords throughout the walk.  Though walking 3.1 miles may sound exhausting, the Peer1on1 participants had a great time and many even admitted to feeling no exhaustion at all.


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